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CJA 374, Week 1
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CJA 374, Week 1, Individual Assignment




Navigate to the National Criminal Justice Reference Service website (https://www.ncjrs.gov/)

Go to the Site Search box

Enter the following: Juvenile Arrests 2008.

Read the “Juvenile Arrests 2008” bulletin by Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention


Resource: National Criminal Justice Reference Service article “Juvenile Arrests 2008,”


Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper summarizing the key points of the “Juvenile Arrests 2008” article. Address the following in your paper:


·         The overall decrease in juvenile arrests.

·         The increase in drug offenses and simple assaults.

·         Implications for juvenile females and members of ethnic and racial minorities.

·         The increase in arrests of juvenile females and the decrease in arrests of male juvenile offenders for violent crimes.

An assessment of tracking juvenile arrests as a method of measuring the amount of and trends in juvenile crime

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CJA 374, Week 1
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Juvenile Crime Statistics Your Name CJA 374 Date Juvenile Crime System The Juvenile Justice system is similar to the adult criminal justice system, in which the offender has constitutional rights to counsel and a fair trial. The major difference is obviously the age of the offender. The juvenile justice system consists of a network of organizations that process and attempt to rehabilitate the juvenile offenders (Champion, p. 4, 2010). The juvenile justice system takes immense care into rehabilitating the juvenile offenders. A juvenile offender may not receive a stereotypically “harsh” punishment compared to that of adult offenders. With the age of juvenile offenders, they may have a greater propensity to rehabilitate and not reoffend. The General Decrease in Juvenile Arrests In 2008, law enforcement agencies arrested approximately 2.11 million juvenile offenders under the age of 18 (Slowikowski, 2009). Although 2011 million seems high, it was roughly 3% lower than in 2007. Furthermore, arrests for juvenile violent crimes decreased two percent, and continue to decrease (Slowikowski, p, 1, 2009). Although juvenile crimes are high, they are steadily decreasing from their peaks in the mid-1990s. Drug offenses and simple assaults From 20...
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