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CIS 520 Week 3 Assignment Part 1 Lab 3 – Java Programming

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Week 3 Assignment Part 1 Lab 3

Create a new Java Project in Eclipse named HW3 and complete the following two parts.Part 1 – Repetition ConstructCreate a Swing GUI application which displays the following graphics by modifying the last week’s assignment and using the loop constructs (for or while) as described below.Create a package named hw3.part1. Using this package create a class named RedAndBlackSteps extending the JFrame class with the following specifications:
Declare the integer type instance variables startX startY brickWidth brickHeight and brickSpace. The first two values represent the top-left coordinates of the red brick in the first row. The next two values are the width and height of each brick. The last value represents the space between each brick along any direction.
Declare another integer instance variable numberOfRows representing the number of rows desired for the pattern.
In the constructor specify the appropriate window title using your lastName and assign the instance variables in step a) with the values 400 50 50 30 and 2 respectively.
In the constructor initialize the numberOfRows with the value 5.
In the paint method declare two local variables named currentX and currentY. Assign the startX and startY variables to these local variables respectively.
Using nested loops draw the pattern for the desired numberOfRows. Note that the pattern should work for other values as well. There should be only a single fillRect method in the code. The fillRect method in the code should only make use of the variables currentX currentY brickWidth brickHeight and brickSpace.

In the main method create the application object set its size to 800 by 400 and its visibility to true to test the above graphics.

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[Solved] CIS 520 Week 3 Assignment Part 1 Lab 3 – Java Programming

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CIS 520 Week 3 Assignment Part 1 Lab 3 – Java Programming

Solution of the above question coming soon, kindly message me if you need solution as soon as possible. Am working on it...

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