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CSCI 103 HTML Assignment 2 | Complete Solution
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HTML Assignment 2 (working from a mockup)

This assignment will have you creating a new web page using a mockup as a starting point. A mockup is a basic layout of a web page generated by a graphic designer or a tool that allows the web developer to have a model to use while they are developing the HTML for the page.

Here is your mockup:
You should use this image to create a web page
• Get as close to what you see as possible •
Here are the guidelines you should follow:
1)Use an internal CSS style-sheet to do all of your styling
2)Your page should validate as XHTML Transitional
3)I don't care what the text says, but make sure your page makes sense (pick a theme. Maybe your page is all about dogs, surfing, or Indonesia).
4)Your links should all go to valid places on the web
Everywhere you see the little mountain and sun, you should place an actual image from the web
Use http://www.w3schools.com/default.asp  for references

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CSCI 103 HTML Assignment 2 | Complete Solution
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