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PSY/315 Version 5 | Scatter diagram solved
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Correlation Study Worksheet

Your research team has been tasked with finding the correlation of the following scenario:

Four research participants take a test of manual dexterity (high scores mean better dexterity) and an anxiety test (high scores mean more anxiety). The scores are as follows:


Person                          Dexterity                       Anxiety


1                                  1                                  10

2                                  1                                    8

3                                  2                                    4

4                                  4                                  -2


Describe the process that your research team would go through by completing the following:

  1. Make a scatter diagram of the scores.
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PSY/315 Version 5 | Scatter diagram solved
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The Z-score for each value is calculated by the formula, The following tabl...
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