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Cultural Relativism
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Option B: Cultural Relativism

Cultural relativism asserts that every culture has its own set of customs and beliefs, and that culture must be understood by the standards and values of the people within that culture. Anthropologists think that what might seem cruel or irrational in our own culture must be seen through the lens of cultural relativity, and that all cultures have practices or beliefs that can be seen by others as repugnant or incomprehensible.

After reading The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, explain whether you think cultural relativism can coexist with the idea of universal human rights. Is it possible for anthropologists to promote human rights without imposing their own values and ideas of human rights? Explain your position.

Your initial post should be at least 250 words in length. Support your claims with examples from the required materials and/or other scholarly sources. Cite your sources in the body of your post and provide a complete reference for each source used at the end of it

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Cultural Relativism
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Cultural Relativ...
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