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Your mission: The state diving commission wants to computerize the scoring at its diving competitions. You've been hired to write a program to automate the scoring of dives. Following are the requirements for the program. After each dive, the user will be prompted to enter the:


diver's name;
diver's city;
degree of difficulty (ranges from 1.00 to 1.67); and
scores from five judges (scores can range from 0 to 10).
If an invalid score is entered, an error message will be displayed. The user will be prompted for the score repeatedly until a valid score is entered.


The program will then display the following information:


Diver's name
Diver's city
Dive final score: This is calculated by dropping the highest and lowest of the five judges' scores. The remaining three scores are added together, and the result is divided by 3 and then multiplied by the degree of difficulty.
The program will then prompt the user if she/he wants to process another dive. The user can type "Y" or "y" to continue, and "N" or "n" to quit.


Sample output:

Diver's name: Sue Jones
Diver's city: Dallas
Dive degree of difficulty: 1.9
Invalid degree of difficulty - Please reenter (Valid Range: 1 - 1.67)
Dive degree of difficulty: 2
Invalid degree of difficulty - Please reenter (Valid Range: 1 - 1.67)
Dive degree of difficulty: 1.2

Judge #1 score: 45
Invalid score - Please reenter (Valid Range: 0 - 10)
Judge #1 score: 3
Judge #2 score: 4.5
Judge #3 score 6.7
Judge #4 score 89
Invalid score - Please reenter (Valid Range: 0 - 10)
Judge #4 score 8
Judge #5 score: 9.2

Diver: Sue Jones
City: Dallas
Dive score: 7.68

Do you want to process another dive (Y/N)? y

Diver's name: Dave Smith
Diver's city: Houston
Dive degree of difficulty: 1.1
Judge #1 score: 5.7
Judge #2 score: 6.8
Judge #3 score:: 7.6
Judge #4 score: 8.7
Judge #5 score: 6.7

Diver: Dave Smith
City: Houston
Dive score: 7.74


Do you want to process another diver (Y/N)? N

Best practice: Note that a good way to implement the code is to write a first version for only a single dive without validating input. Put yourself in the place of the program. What steps would you personally need to perform in order to process a single dive yourself? Write out those steps on paper as pseudocode and/or in Visual Studio as C# comments, and then implement them one by one, testing as you go. After you have a single dive process working, implement one of the input validations, or the outer loop that repeats the whole process. Whichever you choose, remember to not write too much at one time. Always add and test functionality incrementally!
Pseudocode: Although there are several valid ways to write the program, the following is an outline of one way to design the overall logic.


Declare and initialize variables: name, city, judge score, highest score, lowest score, total score
Loop while there are dives to process

Get diver's name and city
Get degree of difficulty
Loop to validate input
End Loop

Loop five times to get judges' scores
Loop to Validate input
End Loop
Update highest and lowest scores if need be
Add score to total score


End Loop
Calculate the final score (subtract highest and lowest scores from total score, divide by 3, multiply by degree of difficulty)
Display the diver's information and final dive score
Prompt the user if he or she wants to process another dive

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$ 18.00
DEVRY CIS170B WEEK 3 ILAB | Complete Solution
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/* Specification: First Name Last Name Lab 1 Exercise# This program calculates the scoring of a Diving Competition */ using System; using System.Collections; namespace DivingScoringProgram { class Program { static void Main(string[] args) { ...
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