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Conflict Analysis: The story, Hill Like White Elephant,
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I have posted a picture of the essay prompts topic and its requirements. Along with the story that needs to be read and analysed by you the writer to write the essay. The story is "Hills Like White Elephant" by Ernest Hemingway and its 5 pages. There needs to be a total of three references. One reference will be from the story to better evaluate your point and the two other references will be from the articles I have provided. Feel free to choose from any part of the articles that goes better with what you are writing. There will be two articles so a reference from each one. The prompt will give you all further instructions. Please make sure MLA guideline is followed. I have also posted a picture on how the references should be cited as well. Only Cite the reference of the story if you can, I will cite the article references.

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Conflict Analysis: The story, Hill Like White Elephant,
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Conflict Analysis The story, Hill Like White Elephant, is fully centered on the conversation between a couple, a man, and a woman, and is on whether the woman will accept aborting the pregnancy. The woman called Jig, has been reluctan...
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