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The nature of consciousness
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For this assignment, you will submit a 5 page (body only, standard border and font). This paper needs to include all of the mechanical components identified in Paper 1, you need to select a subtopic from within your topic and develop a position on that subtopic. The paper should articulate a clear and convincing argument in support of the thesis, considering possible objections and replying to those objections.
Your paper will be graded according to the following criteria:
Topic and position: the paper identifies a relevant topic, clarifies the nature of that topic and takes a clear and insightful position on that topic.
Argument: the paper advances an argument in defense of the position stated.
Evidence: the paper provides evidence from assigned readings in support of the argument made.
Objections and responses: the paper considers possible (and stated) objections to position that is put forward in the paper. 
Understanding: the author presents a fair and accurate interpretation of the topic with an awareness of various positions as well as the differences between them.
Composition: the paper is written clearly, with minimal grammatical and spelling errors, and provides accurate and properly formatted citations.

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The nature of consciousness
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The Nature of Consciousness Consciousness is the awareness of internal sensations, external events, thought about different experiences and self-recognition (Pockett 7). There are differ...
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