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Boardman Management Group is one of the leading business organizations | Complete Solution

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Submit a 6-7 page paper that discusses how you will evaluate the responses you receive to the RFP you prepared last week.

Boardman Management Group is one of the leading business organizations of today’s time. They are planning to make a resort, Baderman Island Resort. The overall organization is vastly spread in number of countries. It has numerous branches in almost every developing nation. Now it has entered into the business of construction of resorts.

Business Goals
As Baderman Island Resort is one of the most awaited projects of Boardman Management Group, they want it to be a big profitable project for their organization. For this purpose the company has hired Smith Systems Consulting in analyzing their requirement and then implementing it.

Project Goals
Baderman Island Resort will be having a group of three hotels, two restaurants, three gift shops, a spa center, a high profile gym and a convention center also. In order to manage the whole system, company wants an up gradation in its Word Processing Software. If same word processing software will be present in the entire systems of the resort, it will be easier to manage them all without any kind of software delay or error.

Scope of the project
The scope of this project will not only beneficial to the organization only but to the clients who will make use of the facilities available at the resort. The clients will be getting a better service and also the profit of the organization will increase.

Time constraints
As Baderman Island Resort will be open for the visitors within a month, so the company has very little time left in upgrading all the business entities of the resort and fully accomplish it with the requirements.

Budget Constraints
Boardman Management Group will be providing a budget of $50,000. The requirement has to be completed within this budget as the company will not be providing any extension in the budget.



As all the business entities of Baderman Island Resort developed at different time, so there is a mismatch in the software systems prevailing in the working culture of the business entities. The existing software in the entities are as follows-
1. There are currently three different operating systems used in entire resort. They are Windows 98, Windows 200 and Windows XP.
2. Secondly, the different word processing software which are in use are Word 97, Word 2000 and Word XP.


As the current software system of the resort is not compatible for meeting the future needs, it is must for the organization now to come up with the up gradation of the software. Moreover there is a requirement of installing some new computer systems in some places within the resort. This is due to the reason that when the whole resort will go automatic handled by the software, so there have to be enough PC’s at all the desirable places in the organization.


When the resort will be equipped with new operating systems and word software and also with some new and advanced PC’s , the entire networking of the systems will change. There will be some changes in the LAN as well as WAN. LAN must be updated so that all the employees can handle the software systems properly and provide better services to the customers.
The updating of networking of WAN is required in order to have a sound access of the online services provided by the resort for far away clients.


As far as the security is concerned, the systems need extra care and protection. Everyone knows that almost every software system can be an easy target for the hackers or some kind of virus. This kind of unauthenticated access to the system can result in a great loss to the company. In order to prevent this kind of threats some firewalls are also required. These firewalls systems can protect the system from unauthorized access and also from the virus. Also the company will provide password facility to all the employees, clients, management group.

With the use of new and upgraded operating system, the communication link between the different business entities of the resort will also be improved. Now the users of the systems can easily trace the record and information regarding any client, any service or any other information. This will certainly bring the improvement in the overall services and facilities of the resort.

Moreover the maintenance of any disorder or any kind of disaster, if ever happen, can be easily traced. Due to this the remedial action can take place at time and thus can prevent the system from any kind of loss of any kind.


The documentation of the complete proposal will be finalized only after undergoing the various proposals quoted by different companies. The estimated cost to be involved in this whole up gradation will be approximately $50,000 to $70,000.

As the company is now seeking for new software products, there will be enough training provided to the employees so that they may become comfortable with the new software.
This training session will be taken by efficient software professionals and will provide continued support and development to the employees. The content of the training sessions will be as follows-
1. Visio
2. Outlook
3. Video conferencing.
4. Live meetings.
5. Project.
6. Info path.
7. Publisher.

Administration Information


All those companies, organizations and firms who wish to provide solutions to this proposal should submit a detailed written proposal. The proposal must have all the hardware specifications, software requirements and all the necessary details and information regarding the training session, schedule and its content.
The complete written proposal should be submitted to the Manager of Resort or Mr. Smith as soon as possible.


Once all the proposals are submitted by the different organizations, there will be selection among them. The criteria for selecting an appropriate proposal will be services offered by the organization, their budget, time constraint needed by the company to complete the entire project. Also the training part will be an important aspect of selecting the proposal.


The information regarding the proposals will be kept confidential until the final selection is done. All the proposal making firms can come to the resort on 1st December to know the result of the proposal.


Regarding the proposal, it would be better if the companies strictly follow the format given by the organization. All the items required in the proposal format must be clearly mentioned. Also the information provided by the companies must be true and if any kind of discrepancy will be found in the information, the proposal of that firm will be rejected without giving any prior notice to the firm. The format for the proposal is-
Business aspects
Total time to be taken
LAN and WAN structure
Security issues
Training content
Training schedule and sessions.
Installation issues

There will be a contract done between the two parties for 2 years and for this complete period all the software issues will be handled by that company only.
As one of the leading group in business , we value our long association with every upcoming firm joining hands with us. Please feel free to communicate with us by any means if you have any query regarding our proposal.


Sincerely yours,
Associate Technical Manager
Boardman Management Group

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[Solved] Boardman Management Group is one of the leading business organizations | Complete Solution

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planning to make a, Baderman Island Resort. overall organization is vastly spread in number of countries. It has branches in almost developing nation. Now it has entered into of construction of resorts. Last week the company for request for to upgrade the word processor used in all the of t...
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Boardman Management Group is one of the leading business organizations | Complete Solution

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