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Basic Probability Concepts | Complete Solution
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Basic Probability Concepts

Notice: There are five (5) questions.
A survey was conducted to evaluate whether a Super Bowl advertisement changed consumer attitudes about your companys product.
A survey of 1000 people included 80% men.
When asked about the impact of the advertising, 70% of the sample said they were more likely to try it after seeing the Super Bowl ad.
150 of the people who said the ad made no impact on their decision were men.

1. Complete the following contingency table:

Super Bowl advertisement

Male (M)

Female (F)


Makes me more likely to try ( L)
No impact on my decision (N)


2. Given that a person is female, what is the probability that the Super Bowl advertisement made her more likely to try the product (show your

3. Given that the advertising made a person more likely to try the product, what is the probability that the person is a man (show your

4. A reporter sees this information and writes Women are less influenced by Super Bowl advertising than men. Is this a true
statement? Why or why not?

5. Is being a woman independent of the impact of Super Bowl advertising on a persons decision to try a product (show your work)?

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Basic Probability Concepts | Complete Solution
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