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Research summaries

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"Mr. Lowell, the nursing executive at St. Louis Hospital in Summerville, hears about your consultant work for the cities of Ironridge and Summerville, and he asks you to help him evaluate the hospital’s evidence-based practice program and recommend an EBP model. He strengthened the staff education department a few years ago with a new MSN-prepared director who could use a consultant to get the evidence-based practice program off of the ground."

Read the box above about Mr. Lowell and his facility. As an advanced practice nurse, you need to help the staff understand the differences between various translation documents. Therefore, in this discussion, compare and contrast two of these five types of research summaries: meta-analysis, meta-synthesis, systematic research reviews, clinical practice guidelines, and care protocols. What are the differences in their purposes, audiences, and authors? 

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[Solved] Research summaries

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