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Problems faced by Engineering Major Students
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Engineers are very important people in our society. However, engineering students are faced by a vast no of challenges, some of which hinder them completing studies. What are these problems? 

The answers outlines the following:

  • Problems faced by engineering students
  • Whats influences students to choose Engineering major.

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Problems faced by Engineering Major Students
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Machines are an ideal component of everyday life. Thanks to Engineers, our lives have become simpler and fun unlike in the old days. On a normal day, you are woken up by an alarm, jump onto a bus or bike, use computers, and even phones. This is purely the efforts of engineers who have spent years in school to make life easier for everybody. However, engineering major students undergo various problems while in school. This affect the academic performance and their general welfare. This paper will analyze various problems faced by engineering major students, as well as the factors affecting their general welfare. Factors will influence students to choose Engineering Majors It is a common dream for all students to have a bright future. This is made possible by attending school to attain a variety of skills that will help you navigate the murky waters. Education is a tool to empower students with the needed knowledge and skills. Many high school students focus on choosing courses that are considered more superior than other and are most famous (Watkins and Eric 38). One of the highly regarded courses is engineering course The decision to choose an engineering course may be influenced by a variety of factors. The most common factors include personal desires, peer influence, intellectual capability, parents’ wishes and personal ambitions. The personal desires is an inward pressure or dream to pursue engineering for personal fulfillments (Mann and Thomas 1533). Students develop such desires from a tender age or once they join high school. It could be a motivation by grandparents or neighbors who are engineers and have been successful. The other factors affecting the choice of the engineering course is the peer influence. This is an influence of close friends whom you share a lot of common aspects. Whether it is in college or entry levels, peers influence is a major contributor top this decision. Where friends consider engineering as a more superior course than others, then this will ultimately influence your thinking. If...
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