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Please write a four-full-page (1200 words - though longer is fine) essay on the following topic:  
Address one issue of policy affecting citizens on the local, state, federal, or global level – you may explain why it is such an important issue that needs to be addressed, what should be done about it, what prevents action being taking on it, how a particular group is unduly affected and why, etc.    

Please know the only “correct” response to any of the above is your honest and well-explained response.   
You should write in the third person for this essay.  That means no using the words “I,” “me,” “my,” or “mine”—unless those words appear in direct quotes you use.  That also means don’t use “we” or “our.”  Imagine you are writing about a community you are not a part of – it is not “we, the citizens of the United States,” but simply “the citizens of the United States.”    

You should directly quote two or three readings from your research (and please know three isn’t necessarily better than two) – use reliable sources, not just opinion blogs for example.  Remember, you need to back up what you argue; you cannot just assert it.  

You should make it a point to paraphrase at least one reading from your research (and it’s okay if it’s one of the readings you also directly quote).    

You should take care to quote and paraphrase “thinky” passages from our class readings or your research—not passages simply expressing facts.  

You should incorporate an interesting fact or bit of information drawn from a single reliable website into one of your essay’s paragraphs— and it’s fine to directly quote a bit of text from that website in doing so. 

You should have good introductory phrases in front of all direct quotes, paraphrases, and bits of researched information in your essay.  These will tell your readers whose facts, words, and/or ideas they’re about to hear.

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Abortion laws and murder charges completely contradict each other. An abusive husband will be charged with murder for killing a...
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