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BUSN 420 law quiz 10/10 correct
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BUSN 420 law quiz

Question 1. 1. (TCO 1) Cook's Pantry Appliances, a retail store, must use reasonable care on its premises to warn its patrons of _____ (Points : 2)     

A.    all risks.

B.     hidden risks.

C.     obvious risks.

D.    no risks.

Question 2. 2. (TCO 1) Leon files a suit against Moira, a medical doctor, alleging negligence. As a physician, Moira is held to the standard of _____ (Points : 2)

A.    a blameless individual.

B.     a faultless ordinary person.

C.     a reliable professional.

D.    a reasonable physician.


Question 3. 3. (TCO 1) In newspaper ads, Lo-Price Autos falsely accuses My-T Value Vehicles, a competitor, of selling stolen cars. My-T's sales decrease. Lo-Price has most likely committed _____ (Points : 2)

A.    slander of quality.

B.     slander of title.

C.     wrongful interference with a business relationship.

D.    None of the above


Question 4. 4. (TCO 1) Ike pushes Joan, who falls and breaks her arm. Ike is liable for the injury _____ (Points : 2)

A.    if Ike intended to push Joan.

B.     only if Ike did not intend to break Joan's arm.

C.     only if Ike had a bad motive for pushing Joan.

D.    only if Ike intended to break Joan's arm.


Question 5. 5. (TCO 1) Reaching for a bottle of soda from a display in a Bargain Mart store, Cody slips in a puddle of spilled soda and falls, suffering an injury. Bargain Mart's employees are not aware of the spilled soda until Cody falls. In a suit against Bargain Mart, Cody will most likely _____ (Points : 2)

A.    lose, because Bargain Mart's employees were not aware of the spill.

B.     lose, because Cody should have exercised more care.

C.     win, because Bargain Mart can recover from the soda bottler.

D.    win, because the spilled soda was foreseeable.


Question 6. 6. (TCO 3) To prepare for a trial between Large Lots Development Corporation (LLDC) and Mini Mansion Construction Company (MMCC), MMCC's attorney places LLDC's president under oath. A court reporter makes a record of the attorney's questions and the officer's answers. This is _____ (Points : 2)

A.    a cross-examination.

B.     a deposition.

C.     an imposition.

D.    an interrogatory.


Question 7. 7. (TCO 3) Moby, a resident of New Jersey, has an accident with Ogden, a resident of New York, while driving through that state. Ogden files a suit against Moby in New York. Regarding Moby, New York has _____ (Points : 2)

A.    federal question jurisdiction.

B.     in personam jurisdiction.

C.     in rem jurisdiction.

D.    no jurisdiction.


Question 8. 8. (TCO 3) Jo files a suit against Lara in a Missouri state court. Lara's only connection to Missouri is an ad on the Web originating in Nebraska. For Missouri to exercise jurisdiction, the issue is whether Lara, through her ad, has _____ (Points : 2)

A.    a commercial cyber presence in Missouri.

B.     conducted substantial business with Missouri residents.

C.     general maximum contact with Missouri.

D.    solicited virtual business in Missouri.


Question 9. 9. (TCO 3) Emil wants to initiate a suit against Fast Credit Company by filing a complaint. The complaint should include _____ (Points : 2)

A.    an explanation of the proof to be offered at trial.

B.     a motion for judgment n.o.v.

C.     a motion for judgment on the pleadings.

D.    a statement of the grounds for the court to exercise jurisdiction.


Question 10. 10. (TCO 3) The Idaho Supreme Court rules against Jiffy Mart in a case against Kwik Stop Stores, Inc. Jiffy Mart files an appeal with the United States Supreme Court. The Court does not hear the case. This _____ (Points : 2)

A.    is a decision on the merits with value as a precedent.

B.     indicates agreement with the Idaho court's decision.

C.     means nothing.

D.    means that the Idaho court's decision is the law in Idaho.


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BUSN 420 law quiz 10/10 correct
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