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Personal Model of Ethical Leadership
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Personal Model of Ethical Leadership 
Create a Paper in Microsoft Word: In a paper, create a personal model of ethical leadership that you believe aligns with your personal values and morals, works in your organizational environment, meets the policies, laws and guidelines that are relevant to you, considers ethical decision-making, and uses at least two contemporary models of leadership:
•Describe what ethics, morals and laws are and how they play a role in you being a leader or manager.
•Synthesize the personal, organizational, national and global influences you need to consider as a leader, noting any conflicting influences.
•Would any global influence affect how you operate in another country? For example, how might you respond to the solicitation for guanxi in China?
•Explain your approach to ethical decision making.
•Describe how two contemporary models of leadership define your personal leadership approach.
•Describe your model of personal ethical leadership, as you would communicate it to your followers, in 50 words or less.
•Reflect on the challenges you see in living your vision of ethical leadership. 
•Include a references page using the six articles from the Week 5 Annotated Bibliography Assignment. These articles must be used in the body of the paper and cited.

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Personal Model of Ethical Leadership
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Personal Model of Ethical L...
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