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BSOP588 Final Project | Complete Solution | Rated A+
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BSOP588 Final Project Proposal Outline


2.Name of organization (you can use a pseudonym)

3.Background/overview of organization
•Size of company
•Type of industry
•Product or service
•Brief synopsis of Quality management processes

4.Introduction to the Problem
•Identify the Quality Issues that need to be addressed
oPerformance issues
oCustomer service issues

•Potential gains from successful quality management processes
•A few examples of the organization’s goals might be to increase quality levels, lower costs of quality, improve customer satisfaction, increase morale and increase productivity. Feel free to add to this list.

6.Possible Quality Management Initiative
•Six Sigma
•Lean Principles
•Balanced Scorecard (quality focused)

7.Linkage to Course TCO’s and specific topics in the syllabus

8.Sources to be used
•Identify at least three for the outline assignment

•Please be sure to complete all parts of the outline for full credit
•Submission should be 3-4 pages
•Submit in 12 point Times Roman font
•Make sure you provide the citations and references in APA format

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BSOP588 Final Project | Complete Solution | Rated A+
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, Wal-Mart is the US based multinational retail company that runs retail stores, discount stores, supermarkets, restaurants, hypermarkets, warehouse clubs and apparel stores at worldwide.  Along with this, it should also be noted down that, the company is also the global leader in the industry with the highest...
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