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CIS 115 Week 2 iLab | Complete Solution | Scored 100%
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Week 2 iLab

TCO 2 — Given a simple problem, design a solution algorithm that uses arithmetic expressions and built-in functions.

Your goal is to solve the following simple programming exercise. You have been contracted by a local antique store to design an algorithm determining the total purchases and sales tax. According to the store owner, the user will need to see the subtotal, the sales tax amount, and the total purchase amount. A customer is purchasing four items from the antique store. Design an algorithm where the user will enter the price of each of the four items. The algorithm will determine the subtotal, the sales tax, and the total purchase amount. Assume the sales tax is 7%.
Be sure to think about the logic and design first (input-process-output (IPO) chart, flowchart, and pseudocode). Display all output using currency formatting.
Advanced (optional): Use a constant for the 7% sales tax.



Point distribution for this activity:
iLab Activity
Document    Points possible    Points received
Variable list    10   
IPO chart    10   
Flowchart    10   
Pseudocode/C# code    10   
Desk-check    10   
Total Points    50   

(1) Variable List With Data Type
List all the variables you will use (use valid variable names). Indicate whether the data type is string, integer, or double, and so on.

(2) IPO Model
List the inputs, any processes, calculations, and outputs. Use the same valid variable names you used in Step 1.Input Process (calculations)    Outputs

(3) Flowchart
Use MS Visio to create a flowchart. Paste the flowchart here, or attach as separate document. Use the same valid variable names you used in Step 1

(4) Pseudocode or C# Code
Describe your solution using pseudocode or actual C# code. Use the same valid variable names you selected in Step 1.

(5) Desk-Check
Desk-check your solution by selecting appropriate test data.
Test data: List the values for your test data.

Expected output: What is the expected output of your program?
Step    Variables (write variable names in first line below)             

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CIS 115 Week 2 iLab | Complete Solution | Scored 100%
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Declare 2_item_price;Declare 3_item_price;Declare 4_item_price;Declare Subtotal;Declare Sales_tax;...
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