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CIS 115 Week 2 Activity—Game Seating Charges | Complete Solution | Scored 100%

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Week 2 Activity—Game Seating Charges

TCO 2—Given a simple problem, design a solution algorithm that uses arithmetic expressions and built-in functions.

Your goal is to solve the following simple programming exercise. You have been contracted by a local stadium to design an algorithm determining the total seating charges for any game held at the stadium. Lower-level seats cost $25 per seat, mid-level seats cost $15 per seat, and upper-level seats cost $10 per seat. The algorithm should ask the user for the number of seats being purchased in each seating level. Then, the algorithm will determine the total for each level and a grand total for the entire purchase.
Be sure about the logic and design first (IPO chart, flowchart, and pseudocode).
Advanced (optional): Use constants for the per-seat cost for each level.

Complete the steps and submit the completed file to the Dropbox.
1) Variable list
2) IPO chart
3) Flowchart
4) Pseudocode
5) Desk-check

Game Seating Charges
Document    Points possible    Points received
Variable list    4   
IPO chart    4   
Flowchart    4   
Pseudocode    4   
Desk-check    4   
Total Points    20   
1)Variable List
List all of the variables that you will use (use valid variable names). Indicate whether the data type is string, integer, or double, and so on.

2)IPO Chart
List the inputs, any processes/calculations, and the outputs. Use the same valid variable names that you used in Step 1.

Inputs    Process (calculations)    Outputs


Use MS Visio to create a flowchart. Paste the flowchart here or attach it as a separate document. Use the same valid variable names that you used in Step 1.

Describe your solution using pseudocode. Use the same valid variable names that you selected in Step 1.

Desk-check your solution by using the following sample data.
Lower level seats 3
Mid level seats 4
Upper level seats 5

Enter the expected outputs.
Expected total cost lower level ____________
Expected total cost mid level _____________
Expected total upper level ____________
Expected total for all seats _____________

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[Solved] CIS 115 Week 2 Activity—Game Seating Charges | Complete Solution | Scored 100%

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Input NoOfLowerLevelSeat
Input NoOfMidLevelSeat
Input NoOfUpperLevelSeat

TotalCostLowerLevel = (25 * NoOfLow...

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