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COMP333 Sensors and Sensor Networks | Complete Solution
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Aim: The aim of the project is to implement a system that uses sensors, appropriate controllers and communication mechanisms coupled with information presentation techniques. The system implemented will monitor the environment and be designed to operate within the energy constraints specified.

Mid-Course Report
Due: 5pm, 21nd September. Individual Submission
This report will set out the design of the project. The report should include a description of the problem to be solved, the components to be used, the configuration of components and the communication mechanism(s).

Final Report
Individual Submission
The final report should describe the implementation of the project, the evaluation of the project, a calculation of the energy requirements of the project. If the implementation of the project varied from the design described in the mid-course report these variation should be discussed.
The report should also include a description of the design and implementation of the information presentation approach used, why that approach was selected. This should be of sufficient detail that someone can replicate your setup. Your code should be well commented and submitted electronically (not included in your report text).
The report should conclude with a reflection on “If I were to do this project again, what would I do differently”.
For students who worked with another student on the project, the final report should include a description of what contribution each student made.

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COMP333 Sensors and Sensor Networks | Complete Solution
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The following project demonstrates implementation of sensors, controllers and communication mechanism to control lightning. The project is built around atmega 328 micro controller which controls the lightning.The algorithm of code senses the ambient light (whether day or night) using light senso...
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