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You currently work for a small private consulting company. It has been very successful in the current economy but business has started to slow down. Your competitors have started implementing green technology. Your boss has asked you to research green technology and how you might be able to implement it at your company.

•What is green technology?
•Find a company exemplifies green technology. Summarize the company and how it uses green technology.
•How do you believe your consulting company can implement green technology? Provide at least two examples.
•How would "going green" affect the total cost of ownership (TOC) of information systems in your organization?

A small bank is seeking your expertise to help automate its operations. The bank has about 12,000 employees. The bank intends to upgrade its computers and desktop operating systems as well as some business applications.
•Would the employees be more productive? Why or why not?
•How would you estimate the benefits of automating the business versus the investment cost? Give a specific example.
Some electronic auction Web sites allow sellers to put almost anything up for auction, even though an auction item may offend some people.

•What role do these types of information systems have?
•In your opinion, do you believe sellers should be able to post whatever they want without sensitivity to others? Why or why not?
•what controls should be placed on the products sold in electronic auctions? Provide at least 3 examples.
•What ethical issues can arise in electronic auctions?
•What measures can be taken to address the ethical issues you described?

Think of your ideal company. It can be anything you want but you must assume the company has branch offices in four continents. You are required to make a recommendation on the type of information systems that your organization should implement.
•What would be the mission of your company?
•Would you recommend highly centralized, loosely centralized, or non-centralized information? Explain the reason for your recommendation in some detail.
•Would you utilize information systems in your company and, if so, what for? Are there certain information system components that you would need? What are they?
•What type of hardware, software, networks, database, and data management systems do you recommend?

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$ 25.00
ITC610 WEEK 2 DB | Complete Solution | Scored 100%
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which is announced by the IBM is known as Project Big Green.Solution 3: - The consulting company can implement this technology in order to reduce the consumption of papers, use virtualization technology to consolidate servers and optimize the data center design. The two examples will be optimization of data center d...
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