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Individual Initial Checkout Application Project | Rated A+
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Use a structured programming approach to generate an input-process-output chart for the application
Generate the hierarchy chart for the application
Design the pseudocode
Scenario: A store owner needs a basic checkout calculator for his startup business. He wants to be able to take a users order by entering the item name or number, the quantity and the price. He then wants to know what the final total for that item should be.

Additional Requirements: The owner of the store now wants additional features for his application. He now wants to be able to give discounts to people who purchase more than 4 of a single item. The discount should apply to that item only and should be 10%. He also wants to be able to add tax, the current tax rate is 7.5 % Finally he wants to be able to continue to add new items to one order. When he is done entering the items for the order he should be able to see what the subtotal is, what the final tax is and what the final total is. This should be the only time the subtotal is displayed.

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$ 18.00
Individual Initial Checkout Application Project | Rated A+
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    Print " Do you have another item to enter? "         Print " Enter yes or no "         Input UserInput     While UserInput = " yes "         Call CalculateAndAddTax Module &nbs...
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