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Stomp Out Loud-Music Review - Complete Solution
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Watch the movie and take notes on these questions:

1. In your own words, write a brief review of the film and its music, describing the use of music in the movie.

2. What general themes/ideas/musical techniques/orchestration described in your textbook and website are used in the music of the film? In which scenes did you hear them? Are there “shout-outs” to John Cage in this dvd?

3. In what ways is this ensemble’s music similar to the 20th Century pieces on your 2-CD set (or pieces in your textbook)? Would you call this dvd a good example of contemporary music? Why or why not? Is it contemporary classical music? Is it music? Why or why not?!

4. What musical scenes in the film were the most effective? Why?

5. How did this film help you appreciate the artists, genre and time period in general?


a) Read your group member’s film reviews submitted in the discussion forum.

b) Respond to at least one student by asking questions, adding links,

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Stomp Out Loud-Music Review - Complete Solution
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Percussion is one of the ways musicians use to produce orchestra music.  This technique is thoroughly use in SOL.  According to Wright (January 25, 2007), post-modernistic music often tries to dispense with conventional musical...
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