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In this assignment you will demonstrate a basic understanding | Complete Solution
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In this assignment you will demonstrate a basic understanding of some of the fundamentals of arranging data to be used as components in “Big Data” applications. You will answer some basic knowledge questions and develop a graph database. Finally, you will reflect on some of the ethical concerns about Big Data.


Part 1. Answer Knowledge Questions.

  1. What is the NoSQL movement, and why is it significant?
  2. As illustrated in Figure K-5 (below), what is column family database storage and how are such systems organized? How do column family database storage systems compare to RDBMS systems?
  3. In general terms, explain why XML is important for database processing.
  4. What is a graph database? What are nodes, properties and edges?


Part 2. Develop a Graph Database

In the Books and Resources area of this week, download the file attached named When you extract the compressed file, you will find a database, in Microsoft Access format, named WPC.accdb. Develop a graph database based on the EMPLOYEE and PROJECT tables in this database. Data from the ASSIGNMENT table should appear as edge properties.

Part 3. Reflect on Ethical Issues Regarding Big Data

Read the article included in this week’s resources, “Ethical Issues in the Big Data Industry.” Find at least five additional scholarly references on this subject, and then write a short essay (three to five pages, not including references, illustrations, or appendices) about what you believe some of the more important ethical issues could be regarding Big Data.

Upload the three parts of your assignment in a single Word Document using the Upload Assignment button.

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In this assignment you will demonstrate a basic understanding | Complete Solution
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XML is essential for database processing because of its simplicity. It provides both document authors and programmers a friendly...
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