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Excel homework Emailing Homework Please follow closely

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1. Excel homework Emailing Homework Please follow closely. If you have shown on the homework. Late homework will be eligible for only half credit if turned in within one week after the due date. Because computers and email traffic is sensitive to small errors, you must follow the rest of

2. In the email Subject line,to be eligible course, section homework number, and name, last name first.
these instructions precisely indicate the for credit. Remember: send it to  and For example, John Smith, Student Identification on time in case123-45-6789, is enrolled in BA 204 also send a copy to yourself to prove you sent it (SID) number there is a problem. Quantitative Business Analysis, Section 5 and is emailing his third Excel homework. In his email, he Subject:20405HW3smithjohn.xlsx would put

3. Attach the file using the same name as the subject line. For John Smith, this would be
Attachment file name: 20405HW3smithjohn.xlsx

4. In cell A1 on the first sheet (or tab or ply) of the homework, type the same file name again. In cell
A2, type your real name in full, in A3, your SID, and in A4, the homework number. John Smith would

1 20405HW3smithjohn.xlsx
2 John Smith
3 123-45-6789

4 Homework 3

5. When doing your homework, put each figure on a separate sheet (or tab or ply) within the same workbook. For example, if Homework 2 says to replicate Screenshot 2B in Chapter 8 of AWZ, then the first sheets tab should be renamed from Sheet 1 to HW2 Screenshot 2B (double click on the tab itself for the Rename command; you can also insert new sheets with the right click as needed). It a second Screenshot is specified, then it should go on the second tab and renamed also. When you save the file, Save as and save it so that the appropriate figure is the first thing the grader sees when viewing that sheet (to go the Cell A1 quickly, use Control-Home on your keyboard). If you do not complete a particular figure, you should still rename the tab as above but add Not Done after the new name.

6. Save all the work assigned for the homework in a single Excel file that opens on the first tab (with
your USF ID) and send it only once. Homework sent in bits and pieces cannot be given any credit. Your submission will be opened only once, and only the first one received will count, so do not send it until it is completely ready and all parts are finished. (Put yourself in the place of the grader opening many files and searching for randomly placed material is a nuisance and waste of time.)Again, if you follow these instructions faithfully, you should end up with a perfect score on the homework section of the course.

Note: Put your anwers to questions 1-2 on a single tab, then 3-4 on a single tab, 5-6 on a single
tab, and 7-10 on a single tab.


1 Sequencing:Joe Shmo was recently promoted to assistant supervisor in his department. His boss has given him his first project. It is to determine the best sequence in which to do six jobs currently waiting to be processed as of July 1. The time needed for each job and its due date is given in the Job Characteristics table.
2 What is the total number of different sequences to process the jobs?
a. How many possible sequences would be possible if there were 20 jobs on the "to do" list?
b. If a computer could test a billion sequences per second, how long would it take the computer to test all possible sequences?
3 Assuming the goal is to minimize the flow time (or lead time) needed to complete each job (waiting plus processing), in what sequence should the jobs be done?
4 Indicate which jobs will be early, which tardy, and the average lead time and the average tardiness.
5 Assuming the goal is to minimize the worst tardiness of any job, in what sequence should the jobs be done?
6.What will be the average lead time and the average tardiness for this case?
7.What is the earliest time Mr. Jones can finish the project?
8.How much float time is available for activity D?
9.Mr. Jones wants to finish the project 2 weeks earlier. Which activity or activities could be speeded up to achieve this?
10.If the times shown represent the time needed for one worker to complete each activity, how many man-weeks will be needed for one man to complete the project?
11 Optional Extra Credit up to 5 points: You must complete all of the above problems to be eligible for extra credit.

Review Chapter 15 Introduction to Macros. Then write a macro that highlights all
number values on the tab for answering Question 3 above using the same shade as USF's green.
Add a button that executes the macro as illustrated in the video.

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[Solved] Excel homework Emailing Homework Please follow closely

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Received    Time    Due Date        Slack    Crit ratio    Flow time    Task end    Tardiness       
A    1    8    15        7    1.875    8    8    0       
B    1    3    4.3        1.3    1.433333333    11    11    6.7       
C    1    1    17.2        16.2    17.2    12    12    0       
D    1    5    12.9        7.9    2.58    17    17    4.1       
E    1    10    17.2        7.2    1.72    27    27    9.8       
F    1    6    21.5        15.5    3.583333333    33    33    11.5       

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Excel homework Emailing Homework Please follow closely

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