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Week 9 Discussion - Problem Solving Solution
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Week 9 Discussion
“Problem Solving.” Please respond to the following:
Look at the scenario below.

*Identify the components in the problem.
*Explain from how you would get more information to solve the problem.
*Provide the best solution for solving the problem. Explain the reasons why you believe your solution would solve the problem.
Although everything was fine five minutes ago, a secretary cannot get her computer to send a document to the printer. The document must be printed for the meeting her boss has scheduled to begin in fifteen minutes. (Kirby & Goodpaster, 2007. The instructor’s manual for thinking.)

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Week 9 Discussion - Problem Solving Solution
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1.    A case model – It represents understanding the problem2.    An argument structure – It is the fact or entities in the case model. 3.  ...
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