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Social Psychology Research | Complete Solution
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Social Psychology Research

Social psychology has yielded many controversial experiments. For this assignment you are to research one of the following works: Asch (Line Experiment), Milgram (Teacher/Learner Experiment), or Zimbardo (Prison Experiment).

In at least 500 words (submitted in APA format)

Describe the experiment
Describe the social construct that was being studied
Describe the issues related to the research
Describe the contributions this research had to the field/science of psychology.

Please be sure to paraphrase (put into your own words) the information that you use from our textbook and/or other outside sources unless directly quoting with quotation marks. Direct quotations (word-for-word excerpts with quotation marks) should only comprise at most 10 – 15% of your writing. If the information is not put into your own words or quotation marks are not used, then the writing is considered plagiarized, which is a serious infraction with any university. I will not accept assignments that have not followed the directions listed in this paragraph!!

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Social Psychology Research | Complete Solution
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 At Yale University in the year 1961 and 1962 a series of experiments were conducted by Milgram. Milgram’s experiment was designed as a response to the notorious trials of Nazi war criminals, who claimed that they were 'just following orders of higher authorities (Martyn Shuttleworth, 2008). He wanted to establish whether people really would obey people in authority ignoring the fact t...
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