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Final project Paper Solution
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Your final project is a paper, worth 25 percent of your course grade. For this paper, you will demonstrate your knowledge of course concepts by describing an international marketing plan for a product.

First you will choose a product you are interested in (it may be a real product or one you make up) and a country you would like to bring your product to market in. Before you make a final decision on either of these aspects, glance over the following list of items to cover/questions to answer. Make sure your product and location lend themselves to these topics.

Your paper should be between 1,500 and 2,000 words in length, which is about 6 to 8 pages using a typical font and spacing. You are encouraged to include charts and other visuals wherever they are appropriate and helpful. Prepare your paper according to APA guidelines, with a Works Cited page and proper citations.

Paper Description
Your paper should fulfill all of the following requirements:
Briefly identify the characteristics of the product.
Identify the country in which you will be marketing your product. Briefly discuss the dominant characteristics of that country including culture, social values, economic strengths, and political background. For the country of your choice include the GDP, exchange rate of currency to American dollars, current interest rate, and the inflation rate.
Discuss the dominant characteristics of your firm and the goals of management.
Describe how foreign exchange forecasting and currency determinations affect the methods you select to finance your product.
Discuss the challenges your firm faces in creating a cross-cultural organization in the country you have selected.
Discuss any domestic and global-specific risks your company needs to consider.
Suggest ways that legal and political risks can be managed in the host country.
Analyze strategies that can be used to create cooperation with stakeholders.
Discuss any supply-chain interruptions and related operational and transaction exchange exposures that might develop.
Describe and analyze ethical and environmental issues you'll need to be aware of when dealing with a culturally diverse population from the host country you have selected. What is their impact on how you do business?

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Final project Paper Solution
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