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BTM8107-8 | Week: 7 | Activity: Apply Non-Parametric Tests | Rated A+

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Activity Description

You will submit one Word document. In the first part your assignment document, provide short answers to the following questions (250 wordsor less).

Part A. Questions about non-parametric procedures
1. What are the most common reasons you would select a non-parametric test over the parametric alternative?
2. Discuss the issue of statistical power in non-parametric tests (as compared to their parametric counterparts). Which type tends to be more powerful? Why?
3. For each of the following parametric tests, identify the appropriate non-parametric counterpart:
a. Dependent t test
b. Independent samples t test
c. Repeated measures ANOVA (one-variable)
d. One-way ANOVA (independent)
e. Pearson Correlation

Part B. SPSS Assignment

In this part of the assignment you will perform the non-parametric version of the tests you used in Week 4. In each case, assume that youopted to use the non-parametric equivalent rather than the parametric test. Using the data files from earlier assignment, complete the following tests and paste your results into a Word document:
1. Week 4 Activity 6, Part A: non-parametric version of the dependent t test
2. Week 4 Activity6, Part B: non-parametric version of the independent t test
3. 3Week 4 Activity6, Part C: non-parametric version of the single factor ANOVA

Your submittal should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts that are presented in the course and provide new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Where applicable your submittal should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards.Review APA Form and Style.
Be sure to adhere to Northcentral University's Academic Integrity Policy. View the Northcentral Academic Integrity Tutorial to refresh your knowledge of how to achieve academic integrity.
Upload your assignment using the Upload Assignment button below. Learning Outcomes

5.0 Apply appropriate statistical tests based on level of measurement.
6.0 Determine the appropriate use of inferential statistical analysis.
7.0 Correlate how population, sampling, and statistical power are related to inferential analysis.
9.0 Compare and contrast parametric and non-parametric data analysis in order to apply the correct statistical procedure.
10.0 Demonstrate proficiency in the use of SPSS.
11.0 Demonstrate proficiency in reporting statistical output in APA format.

Reference Instruction
Field, A. (2013) Discovering statistics using IBM SPSS Statistics. Read Chapter 6
Reference Instruction
Field text companion site. Provides access to SPSS data files.
Complete Chapter Exercises
Reference Instruction
Activity 4asav
Activity 4a.sav.sav
Download and use file to complete exercises
Activity 4csav
Activity 4c.sav.sav
Download and use file to complete exercises

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[Solved] BTM8107-8 | Week: 7 | Activity: Apply Non-Parametric Tests | Rated A+

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parametric test is preferred over parametric tests.
2. Nonparametric tests are ideal when the sample size is small. If data set is larger than 100 then it non-parametric tests should not be used, ...

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BTM8107-8 | Week: 7 | Activity: Apply Non-Parametric Tests | Rated A+

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2. Nonparametric tests are ideal when the sample size is small. If data set is larger than 100 then it non-parametric tests should not be used, as sample mean will f...

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