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Directions: Please answer the following shot essay questions

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Directions: Please answer the following shot essay questions. Each question should have a 1 to 2 page response that addresses the questions. Remember to support your work with APA references and in-text citations. Please use proper APA format. Please visit the Academic Resource Center for concise APA guidelines.

1. Briefly describe at least two (2) forms of corrupt conduct in prisons as outlined by Bernard McCarthy, providing a specific example of each.

2. Briefly describe the central question and key moral issue/s raised by Plato's story of the ring of Gyges.

3. Briefly discuss at least one (1) problem with relying on reward/punishment to motivate moral behavior.

4. List and briefly describe at least one example of a "technique of neutralization" or form of rationalization as it applies to professional deviance within criminal justice.


Review the following videos that you viewed in the Lecture Notes.

• View YouTube video “Jeffrey Dahmer: The Monster Within (Documentary)” By “n99999999999” (43:13 minutes)
• View YouTube video “Serial Killers documentary Real Life Hannibal Lectors” (59:24 minutes)

Complete the following tasks:

Watch the videos and on Jeffrey Dahmer and Serial Killers. Based on your research and the information contained in these videos, write a case study/research paper being sure to address the following questions and include additional information you feel is relevant and will add value to your submission. Remember to include correct APA format with a cover page, reference page, and in text citations. You should also utilize AAU’s LIRN Library for peer reviewed journal articles related to this topic. Your case study/research paper should be at least 3 pages in length.

Note: Please visit the Academic Resource Center (ARC) for concise APA guidelines and how to use LIRN effectively.

1. How is psychological egoism related to ethical egoism? Discuss how egoism does or might appear in the following practices: 1) police officers, 2) district attorneys and prosecutors, 3) defense attorneys. How is ethical egoism evident in the cases of serial killers?
2. Read the case, “On Pity, Egoism and Criminal Justice” (Box 5.2, pg. 108). Answer the question: Do you agree or disagree (justify your response)?
3. To what extent does the fear of punishment motivate you to act morally? To what extent are you motivated to obey the law because of the existence of punishment for violating the law? Why do serial killers like Dahmer seem to disregard the fear of punishment for the rewards they perceive are gained by their horrific crimes against humanity?
4. Psychopathic offenders like Jeffrey Dahmer are said to lack conscience. Dahmer tortured, mutilated, and killed a number of young men before having sexual intercourse with them. He was eventually caught by the police and murdered by a fellow prisoner. Can we expect moral/ethical behavior from somebody like Dahmer? Why or why not?

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[Solved] Directions: Please answer the following shot essay questions

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inmates during frisks and cell searches visitors who were being processed for visiting, and staff members. This form of misconduct was generally committed by low-level staff  and was opportunistic in nature.
Trafficking in contraband involved staff members conspiring with inmates and civilians to smuggle contraband into correctional facilities for money, drugs, or services usually of a sexual nature. The organization of this activity varied considerably.

Braswell, M., McCarthy, B., & McCarthy, B. (1991). Justice, crime, and ethics. Cincinnati, Ohio: Anderson Pub. Co.

inmates ...

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