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Assignment 2 A Public Leader researc
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Assignment 2 A Public Leader

1.     Based on your response to Question 3 in Assignment 1, use the Internet to research two (2) renowned public leaders—one (1) male and one (1) female—that embody your selected theory(ies) and styles. Develop a brief overview (i.e., no more than one [1] paragraph for each leader) of the selected leaders and the leadership theory that defines each as a public administrator. 

2.     Compare and contrast the leadership theories of the two (2) selected leaders in Question #1. (Consider some of the following: theories that make him / her effective as a leader; whether or not his / her gender impacts his or her ability to lead; supervisors’ and subordinates’ view of him / her as a leader.)

3.     Determine three (3) leadership style strengths and three (3) leadership style weaknesses of each of the selected public leaders. Evaluate the effectiveness of each public leader in terms of each leader’s major successes.

4.     Suggest one (1) key strength or weakness that could influence your ability to be a public leader. 


·         Public Leader Overview (Question 1)

·         Public Leader Comparison and Contrast (Question 2)

·         Public Leader Evaluation & Analysis (Question 3)

·         Public Leader Influence (Question 4)

·         Conclusion 


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