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Describe the importation and exportation considerations for Mr. Singh in accepting business from Mr. Mann, the Chairman of Freshfoods. Be sure to identify all the participants from suppliers’ suppliers to customers’ customers. Explain Mr. Singh’s infrastructure requirements in India for order fulfillment and future orders that may be presented to the company. Provide a recommendation of the optimum agreement that you perceive will share the costs, risks, and possible profits and losses from the venture being considered.



CASE 9-1 Aero Marine Logistics

Aero Marine Logistics (AML) was incorporated as a private limited company in South Delhi in the year 1996. The promoters of AML are two professionals who had gathered 15 years of experience working for Tata Steel (one of the biggest and oldest companies in India) in the field of shipping, customs clearance, forwarding, and transportation. Over the last five years, AML has been successful in building an infrastructure and pool of experienced personnel to handle the entire gamut of logistics. In fact, it was one of the first companies to offer door-to-door delivery. It considers itself the specialist in customized solutions and services—a concept that is still unheard of in the transportation industry in the rural belts of northern India. AML handles the entire package of logistics for all its customers. Some of the services they offer include the following:

• Import consolidation. AML has a well-spread network of offices and trade connections in the United States, Europe, the Far East, and the Middle173?174??East to render import consolidation by both air and sea to any part of India. It promises a personalized prompt service with value for cost.

• Door-to-door services. AML is fully equipped to deliver door to door, which includes cargo pickup from the supplier’s warehouse, warehousing prior to customs clearance, complete customs clearance of exports from overseas, and freight booking with airlines/shipping lines to receive cargo in India. It also undertakes local customs clearance and transportation to deliver to the door of the customer.

• Exports. AML has expertise in handling exports of various kinds of cargo by ocean and by airfreight. It ensures the timely movement of cargo at the most competitive rates. It takes care of both the complete export documentation formalities and the physical movement of cargo.



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