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MT 209 Essay Scenario GreenMarket
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MT 209 Essay Scenario GreenMarket (GRM) assures their customers of the freshest certified organic produce. They are located in California. They have markets predominantly in the western states of the U.S. Recently there have been some social networking sites and blogs with a few comments that some of the produce is in fact not organic. The contract with Organikfarms (ORF), a produce supply company is up for renewal. GRM does have another supplier that they also rely on.

A minimum of one to two students will represent GRM: Your company wants to ensure quality produce is shipped to their markets. You are concerned about the social networking sites recent barrage of negative comments and possibly tarnishing your company’s reputation and trademark. You also want a stipulation in the contract to allow your company to get out of the contract if quality produce is not provided. 

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MT 209 Essay Scenario GreenMarket
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