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Social Networking Much like the early
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Social networks seems to have become a "must do" activity for a firm. Much like the early days of the late 1980s where companies felt they had to have a website, even if they did not know what to do with it, they now feel that they must have social network connections. This is the case even though most appear not certain as to how to incorporate Social Network (SN) activity into an overall business strategy, or even why. Do you believe there a role for social networks in uniting consumers and companies as well as providing avenues or direct interactions? If not why not and if so what would that role be? What would a social network strategy/reputation management plan contain (operational do's and don'ts) and how would a firm place a SN plan into action? In your discussion provide some examples of a few firms that you believe have enacted successful social network plans and discuss why you consider them to be models. Are there examples of firms that have used a social network communications to recover from a brand disruption experience?

Firms have used SNs in a number of different ways to reach out to or attract consumers. I would be interested in your discussion of examples of different approaches to specific social media as well as how companies are using different format strategies and their reasons for doing so.

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Social Networking Much like the early
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