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Finance inventry Questions Assignment Solution | Rated A+
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Please respond to Questions 1 - 11 on page 87 in Word formatting. Ensure that you use APA formatting and cite outside sources including our text. Finally, in 300 words or more, discuss the trends in inventory management from the perspective of a software company. What strategies would a software company utilize to manage inventory levels and ultimately costs?

1.     What is inventory management primarily concerned with?

2.     Why is inventory such a difficult item to manage?

3.    Why is inventory needed? What role does it play?

4.    What are the three different types of inventory and what role does each play?

5.     What are the financial manager’s concerns related to inventory management?

6.    Explain what the EOQ solution represents?

7.    How is risk handled by the EOQ model?

8.    What are the three factors that affect the amount of safety stock needed? How does each factor differ from the other two?

9.    Discuss how the dollar amount of inventory can be reduced.

10.    How can the DIH be a misleading monitoring tool?

11.    How is a balance fraction approach to inventory monitoring an improvement over the DIH?

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Finance inventry Questions Assignment Solution | Rated A+
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It is difficult to run the produce order with inventory availability without increasing the on hand stock costs because high on hand stock increases the fulfillment costs hence  reducing  profitabilit...
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