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Access the globalEDGE™ website http://globaledge.msu.edu (or any other reliable source) to obtain the relevant information needed to answer the questions asked in Exercises 1 and 2 on page 591. You are required to answer both questions in a Word Document as an APA compliant essay. The essay must have an introduction, demonstrate analysis and conclusions. Incorporate your course learning in your comments. To simply present a list of countries will not meet the requirement for this assignment.

Exercise 1: The impact of strikes and lockouts on business activities can be substantial. Since your manufacturing company is planning to expand its operations in the Asian markets, you have to identify the countries where strikes and lockouts could introduce interruptions to your operations. Using labor statistics from the International Labour Organization (ILO) to develop your report, identify the three Asian countries with the highest number of strikes and lockouts, as well as the total number of lost worker days. What types of precautions can your company take to prevent interruptions from occurring in these markets?

Exercise 2: You work in the human resource department at the headquarters of a multinational corporation. Your computer is about ti send a number of managers overseas as expatriates (or expats) to France and New Zealand. You need to create an executive summary evaluating, comparing and contrasting the possible issues expats may encounter in these two countries. Your manager tells you that a tool called Expat Explorer created by HSBC can assist you in your task.

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used to attain a common objective or goal. In most situations where employers and unions cannot reach an agreement in any bargaining process, the most common result is a mediation and lockouts or strikes. Strikes are considered and known to be the refusal to work by any company’s employee who are acting on a common purpose. The main reason as to why strikes are undertaken is to compel the employee in agreeing with the term and conditions of the employment (Ladrech, 2006). Strikes do no...
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