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Choose a conflict: internal or intrapersonal (self-esteem, identity, guilt, unforgiveness)

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Choose a conflict: internal or intrapersonal (self-esteem, identity, guilt, unforgiveness) , interpersonal (family, labor, church, community), social (local, national, international).

The professor assignment a Social conflict! The conflict will be about ILEGAL IMMAGRATION
With this conflict, answer the following questions !

1. Description of a situation of conflict intrapersonal, interpersonal, social.
a. What is going on?
b. Who are the parties directly involved?
c. Who are the parties indirectly affected and involved?

2. Why is this going on?
a. What are the causes behind the conflict? (cultural, religious, social, political, economic)
b. What factors lead to this situation?
c. What triggers cause the problem to persist or continue?

3. According to religious or wisdom traditions, and specifically the Christian message, what ought to be happening? Cite Scripture passages that may illumine this situation.

4. Based on what you have learned about ways of responding to conflict, different ways of dealing with hurts and wrong doers, strategies for social conflict, propose a course of action for your situation.

5. What have you gained from this research, from the course, personal reflection.

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[Solved] Choose a conflict: internal or intrapersonal (self-esteem, identity, guilt, unforgiveness)

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b.    Worldwide, the US is viewed as a perfectly desirable destination by people who are potential immigrants. The issue of high fertility rates in countries with high number of illegal im...

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