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Open discussion week. You choose what you would like to discuss from the week's course material (e.g., The Divine Command Theory, the Euthyphro Dilemma, Moral Relativism, Morality Without God, etc.). Be sure to provide reasoned evaluations of the issues and discuss them philosophically rather than just stating your opinion.

Pick any subject from this week’s readings below. The underlined are links. Just 200-300 Words. Cite two sources, preferably one from below. You only need to use whatever topic you choose.

•   Introduction to Philosophy: An Online Textbook, (1) Mores, Law, and Morality, (2) Relativism;
•   Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, (1) Metaphysical Issues: Objectivism and Relativism, (2) Relativism , (3) Divine Command Theory;
•   Plato’s dialogue, Euthyphro;
•   Introduction to Philosophy: An Online Textbook, Religion and Morality as Autonomous
•   “Morality without Religion,” by John Shook

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PHIL101 Week 6 Forum - Rated A+
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Euthyphro limits the definition of piety to the act of prosecuting offenders and avenging crimes committed by anybody (Plato, 428-347 BCE). He only realizes his limitations when Socrates hints at the possibility of other examples. The matter would imply that there are no absolute d...
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