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Differentiate the research design (ex
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To complete the following assignment, go to this week's Assignment link in the left navigation.
Critique of a Research Study
Read the full texts of the study you selected in Week One and the sources you included in your
Week Two bibliography. Evaluate the usefulness of each source and write a critique of the study
from Week One using the textbook and relevant articles from the Week Two assignment to
support your analysis of the study. Use the following section headings and content in your paper

Differentiate the research design (experimental or non-experimental) and approach (qualitative or quantitative), sampling method, and data collection methods. Indicate the sample size, variables and measures (if a
quantitative study), statistical tests (if a quantitative study), coding and
analysis procedures (if a qualitative study), and any assumptions made by
the researchers. Were the procedures chosen appropriate for the study?
What alternative methods would you suggest?

Ethical Aspects


State the purpose of the paper. Clearly identify the study being critiqued,
by title and authors. Summarize the research question, hypothesis (if a
quantitative study), and background information on the topic from the
study’s literature review. Did the authors present a well-balanced summary
of current knowledge about the topic? Is there any apparent bias in the
literature review?

Analyze ethical issues pertaining to this study. Did the researchers
explicitly address ethical issues in the article? If not, was there evidence in
the report that the participants’ safety and confidentiality were protected?
Was an approval process by an Institutional Review Board or similar
ethics review committee mentioned? Were any of the practices ethically
questionable (deception, coercion, etc.)?.

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Differentiate the research design (ex
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