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You will research and analyze how
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You will research and analyze how two different empires developed in two world culture areas in the premodern world (between the Bronze Age to 1600 CE). These world culture areas include Europe, the Near East (also called the Middle East), India, Africa, the Americas, and Asia. 

For this Project Preparation assignment, you must conduct preliminary research to generate an annotated bibliography to serve as a list of sources that you will use for your Final Project, develop a preliminary thesis statement, and construct an outline to help you organize your ideas and materials. 

preparation must be formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. It must include

An APA-formatted title page. 
A preliminary thesis for your Final Project. Develop your preliminary thesis statement to establish the central issue or perspective for your project and to give clear direction and purpose for the project.
An outline of at least three main points that will support your thesis statement

For each main point, write a topic sentence. 
For each main point, list at least one specific example for each of your chosen empires to directly support each topic sentence. 
For each example, indicate which source(s) you will use. 
An APA-formatted annotated bibliography containing a minimum of five sources.

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You will research and analyze how
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