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WEEK 7 DQ QUESTIONS | Complete Solution
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Question 1:
Commonly Confused Words
•What are examples of other commonly-confused words? How might using the correct word benefit you in various situations (at work or at home)?

Question 2:
Peer Reviewing
•Providing a review of a peer's work can be beneficial for both parties. How will you ensure you are giving appropriate and helpful feedback? Why is it important to balance both positive and constructive comments?

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WEEK 7 DQ QUESTIONS | Complete Solution
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So true, similar sounding words are quite confusing because these might sound similar but are entirely different in meanings.  The words that catch me are specially and especially.  Both not only sound same, their meanings are also almost same, particularly, the difference surfaces in the contexts in which these are used.  According to the Merriam Webster’s Dictionary, especially is used when we want to convey “very, extremely, or particular...
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