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Communication Process


Complete the table below.

Review the steps of the communication model.

Describe each step using your own personal or business example in paragraph form.

Review pp. 10 & 11 of Ch. 1 of Business Communication Today for more information.



Steps of Communication Model

Personal or Business Scenario



1.    Sender has an idea.




2.    Sender encodes the idea in a message.


3.    Sender produces the message in a medium.


4.    Sender transmits message through a channel.


5.    Audience receives the message.


6.    Audience decodes the message.


7.    Audience responds to the message.


8.    Audience provides feedback to the sender.




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COM/295 Version 2 | Communication Process | Scored 100%
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Now this idea is ready to transmit but I have to decide which medium would preferably be choose to transmit a secure message, which could a personal meet...
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