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Annotated bibliography

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This assignment is designed to guide you as you start your research for  the Future of Managed Health Care Delivery Systems.  Use eight to ten scholarly and/ or peer-reviewed sources and  the following guide as you write your proposal and bibliography:

I.   Paper Proposal: For the Research Paper, you are to choose a topic related to the future of managed health care delivery.  Describe the topic that you will be covering.  Explain why you chose it and how it relates to the future of managed health care delivery systems.  

II.   Annotated Bibliography:  Provide an annotated bibliography of at least five of the required eight to ten scholarly sources you will be using to write your research  Paper.  An annotated bibliography for this purpose is one that is in APA format and is followed by a brief description of how the resources are relevant to the topic of your paper.

Your Assignment:

  1. Must be three- to- five pages in length and formatted according to APA style .
  2. Must have a cover page
  3. Must have a Paper Proposal of one-to- two pages in length.
  4. Must have an Annotated Bibliography of one- to- two pages in length.
  5. Must document all sources in APA style.  
  6.  please check attached document for Annoted Bibliography Sample


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