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Homework 1 Topic 1 | Complete Solution

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Homework 1 Topic 1

5 Linux Flavors

Look up the different types of Linux and Unix and type up a 1 page listing them out what benefits do each have and where you found the OS at.


Your second page and on should contain the following:


Write a Paragraph about each one listed below.


1. Students study more about the philosophy of free software and the relationship between GNU and Linux. Students can visit the site


2. Students study the OpenSource initiative. Students can visit the site


3. Students list two free software projects and discuss their progress and updates. Students can visit the following sites:,, and


4. Students prepare a review of Linux Weekly News for the current week. List some hot topics in linux going on right now. Students can visit the site


5. What are the Prerequisites for an install of a Linux distro.


Make sure to cite any references!!!

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[Solved] Homework 1 Topic 1 | Complete Solution

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Linux Mint benefits include the advantage of the full multimedia support, easy to install, user friendly, safe, and reliable. It too approaches with numerous of software’s as ...
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