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An effective training must fulfill the needs of trainees | Scored 100%
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Assessment Case

An effective training must fulfill the needs of trainees. To do so, the training should have a doable objective that relates to the needs of the trainees. Creating effective objectives is the first task toward creating an effective training. Objectives help chart out an effective training program and also help evaluate the success of the training program. Objectives have a threefold parameter of evaluation: feasibility of the task, the condition in which the task will be doable, and the quality of the task. For an effective training, the effective objectives should define all the above three parameters. In this Application Assignment, you will set effective objectives for the recommended training program. Ensure that all the above parameters are addressed.

Each of your learning objectives must include the following three components and lead to the answer for the following question: "What will participants learn in your training program?"

Desired outcome: What is the expected outcome?

Conditions: Under what conditions is the outcome expected to occur?

Standards: What criteria signify that the outcome is acceptable?
Refer to pages 166–173 of the textbook, Effective Training: Systems, Strategies, and Practices by Nick Blanchard and James Thacker, for information on writing objectives.

Also visit the Illinois Online Network Web site for information on writing and classifying objectives: http://www.ion.uillinois.edu/resources/tutorials/assessment/bloomtaxonomy.asp

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An effective training must fulfill the needs of trainees | Scored 100%
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New Dean have set new evaluation criteria for faculty members and such criteria was not meet by old faculty members. Further, they were also concerned that the Dean was interjecting nonacademic criteria into their departmental faculty recruitment processes and diverting resources to nonacademic activities. Changes described above conflicting with the faculty mem¬ber's previous job expectations and responsibilitiesSuch changes for...
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