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Business Plan for coffee house | Scored 100%
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Business Plan for coffee house.

Management Team and Company Structure -

a. Consist of founders and handful of key management personnel

b. Ex: management team, Board of Directors, Board of Advisors, company structures

10. Overall Schedule -

a. Schedule that shows major events required to launch the business

b. In milestone format critical to business success

c. Ex: Incorporate venture, completion of prototypes, rental of facilities, obtain critical

financing, starting production, obtain first sale

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Business Plan for coffee house | Scored 100%
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Since last few years, I was thinking to begin my own small business of ‘Coffee House’ but didn’t start yet because was involved to get involve in industry analysis. Finally, getting all the relevant information, I found that it would be good to run a business of ‘Coffee House’ with different flavor of coffees. There is huge requirement of coffee products as here are people whom prefer to taste coffee. One strong reason is to give preference to coffee; is due to seasonal requirement. Here in my town, i...
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