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Exploring OOP & its Data Structures | Scored 100%
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Exploring OOP and its Data Structures

3. Object-oriented programming has been adopted widely because of its capability to reuse code. Most application development software provides class libraries and extensive support for complex data structures, including linked lists. Investigate one of these libraries, such as the Microsoft Foundation Class (www.microsoft.com) or the Java 2 Platform (http://java.sun.com) application programming interface (API). What data structures are supported by the library? What types of data are recommended for use with each data structure object? Which classes contain which data structures, and what methods does the library provide? Write a 2-3 page paper using APA format for references. Please provide reference data.

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Exploring OOP & its Data Structures | Scored 100%
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Every OOP’s language supports some data structure to organize the data and to access it easily. Java also supports plenty of data structure to easily store and access the data. Below is described some data structure provided by the Java.1.    LinkedList: Linked list is the data structure which contains the group of objects. Each object in the group is called as the node. Each node contains the reference to the adjacent node. Linked list is very dynamic data structure and can grow dynamically. Node or objects can be inserted at any position at any time and node ...
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