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Distributed Computing Applications (DCA) | Scored 100%
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Distributed Computing Applications (DCA)
Write a 2-3 page paper using APA format for references.
Distributed.net (www.distributed.net) is an organization that coordinates research on distributed computer applications. People and organizations can join Distributed.net and contribute idle computing power to ongoing research projects that require or use massively parallel approaches to solving complex computational problems. Investigate some current projects and the methods and protocols that coordinate software on members’ computers.

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Distributed Computing Applications (DCA) | Scored 100%
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Very effective program and protocol are required to process a computer in the distributed environment. In distributed computing two types of architecture are used-Method used for the Distributed computing: For ant distributed project firstly a software or client program need to be so that it can installed in the each distributed device. When any distributed device is connected to the internet, it send message to any pro...
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