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Assignment 3 – Object Oriented Design Patterns | 100% Scored
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Software Design & Architecture
Assignment 3 – Object Oriented Design Patterns (Total of 70 marks)


1.Identify the design patterns that are implemented into the system you chosen for your project. – (10 marks)
2.Identify the quality attributes associated to the design patterns. Did you experience these quality when you used the system? – (10 marks)
3.Identify other design patterns that can be implemented into the system to enhance its quality. Which quality is being enhanced and how does the design patterns enhance the quality (20 marks)
4.Identify other design patterns that when you applied reduces the quality of the system and explain how the design patterns reduce the quality. – (20 marks)
5.Are the design patterns applying certain tactics? -  (10 marks)
6.Write a report containing the answers for tasks 1 to 5.

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Assignment 3 – Object Oriented Design Patterns | 100% Scored
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With the conceptual designing of many systems which have already be implemented in many organizations where they have been systematically using such effective technics and benefiting in business and such benefits ultimately favoring the worlds growth because somewhere we all are using the services or products of these implemented systems, Assenmacher H. Breitbach T, Buhler P, Hlbsch V and Schwarz R (1993).DC++ is the one of the system which is inspired with IT based implementation. This system framework is basically designed in the C++ programming language i.e. its whole structural and architectu...
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