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CSC444 | Software Engineering Assignment 1 | 100% Scored
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Personal Software Process
Assignment 2A: Using JAVA: Write a program to count the number of lines of code in a file, excluding blanks and comments.

• The program should receive the location and name of the file through the command line, such as: your_executable target_code. If the file is in a different directory, specifying the correct path on target_code should work just as well.
• If the file cannot be found, a proper error message should be displayed.
• Count and report all lines of code in the file. Ignore blank lines (those containing only white space). Ignore comment lines as well. Remember that comments may start with /* and end with */ several lines below. Handle these cases as well.
• In your testing phase, include tests that count the lines of your first and second assignments. Report your results in a visible position in the test summary.
• You are responsible for resolving any issue not covered by these requirements. Document all your assumptions and decisions wherever requirements are unclear.

You should follow the PSP0 process as presented in the Discipline for Software Engineering textbook. Use PSPMaterial.doc to download forms. The forms needed for the process are:
• PSP Summary Form (Page 6)
• PSP TimeLog (Page 8)
• PSP Defect Log (Page 10)

Deliver the following documents and forms, in physical form, in this order:
• PSP0 Project Plan Summary
• Time Recording Log
• Defect Recording Log
• Source code printout
• Test summary, indicating how you ensured that the code is correct. Include test code printouts if you automated tests (recommended)
• A report, at most one page long, describing:
o Your impressions on your own performance and the PSP0.1
o Ideas for improving the PSP
o Any assumptions taken
Marking scheme:
• 50% - adherence to the PSP, correct and complete use of forms
• 25% - insights and sensible improvement proposals in report
• 25% - quality of assignment code, test code and test summary

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CSC444 | Software Engineering Assignment 1 | 100% Scored
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PSP0 Project Plan Summary Student        Date    2014-11-27 thru 2014-12-01Program    Coding line Counter    Program #    3PInstructor    Alstad/Brown    Language    JavaTime in Phase (min.)    Plan        Actual        To Date        To Date %  Planning    60        80        20        33.33%  Design    90        120        30        33.33%  Code    120        120        0        0%  Compile    10        10      ...
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