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Career Management Recommendation | Complete Solution
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Career Management Recommendation
The purpose of the Career Management Final Exam is to provide you the opportunity to apply career management theory to enhance an organization’s effectiveness.

Imagine you are an HR associate. Your task is to make a recommendation to your corporations CEO to establish a Career Management Program. (It can be the CEO of a hypothetical company if you prefer.) The components of your recommendation are as follows:

Executive Summary
A brief summary of your recommendation and key points

A clear, concise statement of exactly what you are recommending.

In general terms, why do you recommend this action. This section should summarize the key reasons for your recommendation.

This section substantiates your recommendation. It provides the details. It contains the following subsections:
History of the Issue:
Details and demographics on the company.
Past practices

Symptoms vs. Causes:
What conditions (e.g. turnover, morale, complaints, and cost) indicate the need for action?
What variables have changed thus causing these symptoms to appear?
Have you distinguished between fact, opinion, and your own inferences?

Cost Implications:
What are the annualized costs and benefits?
Do the benefits outweigh the costs?
What will be the impact on the HR budget?

Legal Implications:
Are there any legal risks involved?
How do you plan to deal with the legal risks?

Relationship Implications:
How do the employees feel about this issue?
Can you expect supervisors and managers to implement the new policy, practices and procedures?
How will the outside publics react to this recommendation?
Will it impact recruiting and retention.

Other company practices:
How do other companies handle this issue?
What published survey results are available?
Have you done a survey of company employees?
What do the survey results tell you?

How quickly must the issue be resolved?
What is your time frame for implementation?

Evaluation of Alternatives
What alternatives did you consider?
What are the advantages of each alternative? Disadvantages?
List them 1, 2, 3, etc.
What value or weighting should be assigned to various advantages and disadvantages?
What elements are essential for your recommendation?
What elements are desirable?
What is your evaluation of each alternative?

What specific actions must be taken to put your recommendation into effect?
What is the implementation timetable?
Include drafts of proposed policy, procedures, and communications to employees

Appendices (samples of forms used, for example, a sample announcement to all employees, a survey form, etc.)
The Career Management Recommendation should be of sufficient length to cover the subject.

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$ 18.00
Career Management Recommendation | Complete Solution
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It’s a proposal to ‘Department of Children and Families’ (DCF) investigators for developing a career management system’s ‘resilience’ i.e. improving the career management system of the respective department. The current system wouldn’t be able to provide its services anymore on resiliency and will not assist any employee to build career, “Florida Department of Children and Families”. Hence, investigators were already thinking to build a resilience system for increasing the productivity of the department. With the approach of an effective ‘leadership’ acceptance, department can boost employee mo...
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